iWatermark+ Photo Watermark v3.3

iWatermark+ Photo Watermark v3.3
Requirements: 3.0 and up
Overview: ★The Essential Watermark App for Professional and Beginning Photographers. No Ads. No In App Purchases★

Watermarks, once added to a photo or photos, displays that it was created and is owned by you. Easily, protect your photos with a watermark or watermarks using your name, logo, copyright, trademark, etc. Sign your photos with 5 visible and 2 invisible = 7 watermark types. Use one or multiple watermarks simultaneously on one or a batch of photos.
These days any unique photo can suddenly go viral and lose all connection to it’s owner/creator. Like your signature a watermark subtly displays, no matter where your photo goes, that it was created by you. A watermark can even provide your email, a link to your website or other info.
iWatermark+, is the only watermarking tool available for all 4 platforms Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac and Windows. iWatermark+ is the most popular and advanced utility for creating watermarks and watermarking photos.
Easily, secure and protect your photos/art with:
5 Visible Watermark Types:
– Text – with settings to change the font, color, angle, opacity, etc.
– Arc Text
– Bitmap Graphics – import your logo or use our library
– Signature Scan – creates a watermark of your signature
– QRCode – creates a watermark that is like a barcode, readable by any smartphone camera and can contain up to 4000 characters of info.
And 2 Invisible Watermark Types
– Metadata – for making watermarks that include IPTC/EXIF tags (like camera info, GPS, copyright, etc.) info.
– Steganographic – for hiding a watermark in the color data of a photo.
The only watermarking tool that:
* creates 7 watermark types, text, text on an arc, bitmap, signature, QR, metadata, and steganographic
* keeps a database of all your watermarks
* can use one or multiple watermarks simultaneously
* has individual or batch watermarking of photos
* has hundreds of excellent fonts for your text watermarks
* engrave and emboss text with transparent option
* has signature scanner to instantly import your signature or graphic as a watermark
* has live preview and adjusting of effects like scale, opacity, font, color, size, position and angle
* has steganographic watermarks that embed info invisibly in the photo
* view all metadata and exif
Once added to a photo this visible watermark displays your creation and ownership. Watermarking is increasingly important and like signing your name to a photo to subtly display, no matter where your photo goes, that it’s your property.
Touch is what iWatermark+ on Android is all about:
♦ With your finger drag the watermark to any position on the page
♦ Create your own text or graphic watermarks or select from the included example watermarks (both text and graphics)
♦ Single or batch process many photos at a time
♦ Choose from the many fonts
♦ By touch easily adjust the watermarks scale, opacity, font, color and angle and more
Why Watermark?
Digitally sign your photos/artwork with iWatermark+ to claim, secure and maintain your intellectual property and reputation.
✔ Photos go viral then they fly off globally. Watermark with name, email or url so your photo has a visible and legal connection to you
✔ Build your company brand, by having your company watermark on all it’s photos
✔ Promote your company, name and website by using QR codes as watermarks
✔ Avoid the surprise of seeing your photos and/or artwork elsewhere on the web or in an ad
✔ Avoid the conflicts, costly litigation and headaches from plagiarists who claim they didn’t know that you created it
✔ Avoid intellectual property (IP) squabbles
Perfect for Canon Inc. SLR and regular cameras. Nikon Inc. SLR and regular cameras. Olympus Inc. SLR and regular cameras. Sony Inc. SLR, smartphone and regular cameras. Samsung Inc. SLR, smartphone and regular cameras
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What’s New
– Absolute path of saved watermarked photo is shown
– Angle of watermarks of different types can be adjusted by providing angle value in textbox in addition to slider.
– On all sliders in all visible watermark types, watermark preview is shown on just tapping slider.
– A bug is removed where single character text watermark was trimming vertically.
– Soft keyboard is auto hidden on tapping Done in Text and Arc Text watermark.
– Numerous other improvements. Big thanks to users for all feedback.

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