geoGPS v3.93

geoGPS v3.93
Requirements: 4.1 and up
Overview: ONLY geoGPS measures the XY and H systems
Coordinate force in Poland

The application allows you to work with GPS / GLONASS built into your smartphone or tablet without the need for additional hardware.

Algorithms used in the application ensures precise, consistent with the guidelines geodetic conversion between systems . Accuracy depends only on the machine on which you installed the program.

The application allows you to stake out or measurement points in the state geodetic coordinate system in force in Poland . In these systems are run record maps ( cadastral ) , essential and topographic surveys and GIS systems .

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GeoGPS supports the following coordinate systems in accordance with the Council of Ministers on the national spatial reference system :

– XY PUWG 2000 5-8 zone ( for basic map and cadastral map ( cadastre ) )

– XY PUWG 1992 Meridian 19 ( for topographic map )

– XY PUWG 1965 zones (1-5 )


– H in the system the amount of Kronstadt (designation : PL- KRON86 – NH)

Purpose geoGPSa :

– Gathering information grouped into projects

– Collection of data in the form of files associated with the project ,

– Measurement and stakeout points PUWG2000 systems , PUWG1965 , PUWG1992 ,

– Measurement of the amount of elevation in the system Kronstadt 86 (PL- KRON86 – NH)

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– Exchange of information (files ) between other users via FTP ,

– Navigate to order using the tools of the mobile device ,

– Documentation in the form of photographs and documents fieldwork ,

– Presentation of data in Goole Maps, Street View , Google Earth ..


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