Brute-Force Calculator v3 [Unlocked]

Brute-Force Calculator v3 [Unlocked]
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: This interactive brute force calculator allows you to experiment with password length and composition to develop an accurate sense for the safety of your passwords.

Brute-Force Calculator informs you how long it would take for a program to crack your password. With this knowledge you can check and increase your online security!

Now included is the Brute-Force Password Manager where you can safely save your passwords to never forget them again.
Protected with a unique password only you can access whats inside of your safe.

Download  Coloring FULL apk v2.0.10

*Brute-Force shows how quickly passwords can be identified.
*Checks the following keys – lower and uppercase letters, numbers and special characters.
*Green notification for a relatively strong password against a brute force attack.
*Red notification for a weak password.
*Includes Brute-Force Password Manager
*Save your passwords
*Password protection against intruders

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