Unit Converter PRO v1.24

Unit Converter PRO v1.24
Requirements: 2.3.3 and up
Overview: The Aevumsoft Unit Converter PRO is both user-friendly and powerful. It contains more than 1,900 units in 90 categories

All these units and categories are conveniently accessible through an easy-to-use, professional user interface which has been optimized for both phones and tablets.

This app contains everything you need and more. Among its many conversions, there are some pretty unique ones, like e.g. conversions to and from Roman numerals, base-n conversions up to a radix of 36, number-to text and text-to-number conversions for various languages of the world, Morse Code (you can even play the Morse code sound), the aviation alphabet and more.

It’s easy to navigate the app in spite of its abundance of features. Both conversion categories and conversion units can be marked as Favourites for a simplified display in the Favourites view. In the Favourites view, you will only see the categories and units you need. Alternatively, you can search for categories and/or units. Or you can find your category/unit in the list of the most recently accessed items. A small number of the most popular categories and units is already preselected as Favourites upon the installation of the application.

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The results of conversions can be displayed, spoken aloud or copied to the clipboard.

Conversions are calculated offline – no Internet connection is required. The only exception are currency conversions, however currency exchange rates can be downloaded from the Internet and stored for later use offline. For this reason, the app requires Internet access permissions.

Conversion results appear instantly while entering the input data. There is no need to switch screens or to press a button to obtain conversion results.

On devices which support the multi window mode, the app can be executed in a window.

The app’s more than 1,900 units are located in the following 90 categories:

Angular Acceleration
Angular Velocity
Currency Exchange Rate
Data Storage
Data Transfer Rate/Bit Rate
Dynamic Viscosity
Electric Capacitance
Electric Charge
Electric Conductance
Electric Conductivity
Electric Current
Electric Field Strength
Electric Potential and Voltage
Electric Resistance
Electric Resistivity
Flow: Mass
Flow: Molar
Flow: Volumetric
Fuel Consumption
Heat Density
Heat Flux Density
Heat Transfer Coefficient
Image Resolution
Kinematic Viscosity
Linear Charge Density
Linear Current Density
Lumber Volume
Luminous Intensity
Magnetic Field Strength
Magnetic Flux
Magnetic Flux Density
Magnetomotive Force
Mass Concentration in a Solution
Molar Concentration
Moment of Force
Moment of Inertia
Numeral systems: Roman, Base-n (e.g. binary, hexadecimal…) and Languages
Radiation: Absorbed Dose
Radiation Activity
Radiation Exposure
Ring Size
Specific Energy, Heat of Combustion per Mass
Specific Energy, Heat of Combustion per Volume
Specific Heat
Specific Volume
Surface Charge Density
Surface Current Density
Surface Tension
Temperature Interval
Text (Unicode, Hexadecimal, Morse code and Aviation alphabet)
Thermal Conductivity
Thermal Expansion
Thermal Resistance
Volume/Capacity/Dry Volume/Common Cooking Measurement
Volume Charge Density
12 categories for various types of Clothing Sizes

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This app:
– does not display ads
– does not have any in-app purchases
– does not download anything from the Internet except for current currency exchange rates if you wish to convert currencies.

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Code: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aevumsoft.unitconverterpro

Download Instructions:


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