Proximity Actions Pro v3.08 [Unlocked]

Proximity Actions Pro v3.08 [Unlocked]
Requirements: 4.2+
Overview: “Proximity Actions” is a small, innovative and very useful utility, allowing you to perform various actions using the proximity sensor of your device. Users of Advanced Screen Control would recognize some of the functionality and would appreciate the cleaner UI and the additional features. This is a continuation of my efforts related to the proximity sensor utilization.

Used terms:
“Wave” means to wave (or slide) your hand (or finger) closely in front of the proximity sensor of your device, in accordance with the chosen settings.
“Hold” means to block the proximity sensor and quickly release it after feeling the vibration.

IMPORTANT: Using this app requires some level of technical awareness and understanding of what the proximity sensor is, where it is and how it works! Make sure you carefully read the this app description and each of the in-app options’ description before use!

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Key features:
✔ Music: Play/Pause (Android 3.0 and up), Play Next, Play Previous;
✔ Lock the device;
✔ Wake up and optionally unlock the device;
✔ Toggle Auto-Rotation On/Off;
✔ Change the screen orientation, without releasing the orientation lock (Android 3.0 and up);
✔ Launch any app;
✔ Launch any shortcut (direct dial, direct message, etc.);
✔ Toggle the LED light On/Off (if available).
✔ Home screen shortcuts for starting or stopping service (can be used with Tasker)

DISCLAIMER: Some devices seem to have slower proximity sensors so you would have to adjust the settings and wave slower, but the app works on every device with functioning proximity sensor.

Contact me if you want to help translate or fix a translation!

The app hardly use any battery power. You shouldn’t even see it in the statistics.

TO UNINSTALL: Use the “Uninstall” option in the app!

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No personal information is collected and/or sent whatsoever!

What’s New
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Fixed the shortcut actions;
Added “Skip” button in the intro screen;
Added “See the Intro” option in the app.
Added intro on first start of the app to help new users.
The 5 and 6 gesture count is now freely available;
Better translation of user preferences to the service, no more unexpected behavior;
Help hints in the action-setup dialog.

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Download Instructions: PRO Features Unlocked


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