Insert propeller ad codes into wordpress authority theme


Insert propeller popunder, Dialog Ads/Push Up, Interstitial ad code into wordpress authority theme.

According to  The ad code must be insert right after body tag. In this video you will see how to find authority theme’s body tag and where to put the popunder anti-ad blocker  Java script code.

Let’s fight AdBlock!

Here are some well-known methods to defeat Ad Blocking:

  • kindly ask users to disable AdBlock;
  • deny them access to the website;
  • do nothing and wait for changes.
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It is certain that you have heard about these ways or even tested them. We bet you found out how absolutely inefficient they are. AdBlock became a painful problem for publishers from the very beginning and time has come to lead up the ball.

Indeed, some AdBlock bypass solutions are already on the market, but we were determined to make something different. The development process, as well as testing, took long, but it was worth the effort.

Download  Admin Panel of website hacking trick

We are happy to present to you the most hard-line solution against AdBlock, providing an additional income for publishers – ANTI-AdBlock by PropellerAds.

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