GPS Poi Alert Pro v1.01.655

GPS Poi Alert Pro v1.01.655
Requirements: 4.0 and up
Overview: GPS Poi Alert (GPA) is designed to alert you on POI / PDI (EG.speedcam) proximity.
GPS Poi Alert (GPA) is designed to alert you on POI / PDI (EG.speedcam) proximity.

GPA avoids annoying and confusing, alerts of POI proximity
unrelated to our path using exclusive Smart Alert algorithm.
You will be alerted just if you are directed to the poi (speedcam) !
If you are running laterally from the neighbor POI you are not alerted.

You can also alert poi with regular proximity check (distance based).

GPA uses powerful filter language for searching and selecting POI,
eg: find / remove duplicate POI or select all pois in a region bounding box.

GPA reads POI from Sygic™, Garmin™, TomTom™, Google Earth™, TXT-ASC-CSV files
so you can directly use your speedcam files in GPA.

GPA got a full poi editor on map with undo logic.
Review and organize your poi and export them in KML or GPA (category aware format).

PDF manual

You can use it in 4 different modes
• Background, your phone just beep detecting a proximity event. Battery aware.
• Offline radar view mode. Here you can also view the Smart Alert algorithm at work.
• Offline POI list mode
• Online in Google Maps™ view (offline with cache)

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Read / Import POI lists from different standard sources
• Sygic™ (RUPI files)
• Garmin™ (GPX files)
• TomTom™ (OV2 files)
• Google Earth™ (KML files)
• TXT or CSV or ASC standard files

Smart alert : POI will be signaled just if you are really running into it,
not if you are running laterally from it. This avoids false signals.
The strength of this algorithm is selectable.

Poi Query Language : Powerful filter language for
searching / selecting / alerting / exporting range of POI
• lat > 45 selects all POIs over 45 latitude degrees
• lat > 45 and lon < 10 selects all POIs over 45 latitude degrees and under 10 longitude
• dist(gps) < 1000 selects all POIs in 1 Km radius from GPS fix

Select all poi in country/region bounding box, find / remove duplicates,
export them in KML format after a query, review / edit the filtered POI list on the map
and much more.

Radar View

– Edit and/or review your POI / PDI list on Google Maps™.
– Import, alert and manage up to 100.000 POI in list.
– Export your POI / PDI list in KML and GPA format.
– POI Categories with custom alert configuration for each one. For speedcams.
– Easily mark the current GPS position on the fly.
– Options to alter the mp3 sound sample with loop – play speed
– Many prebuilt alerts (and big loudness too) mp3 sounds.
– User privacy aware : no user tracking, no invisible processes.

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Example of txt import file :
-74.00063|40.72301|Lower Manhattan|extra field 1
-73.99552|40.72290|Nolita|some other info

•KML tag Placemark
•GPX tag wpt


You can try the free version before buy GPS Poi Alert
Install and try GPS Poi Alert app. Do it, now !


V 1.01.655
– Two new PQL macro for selecting / editing duplicate POIs
– Libraries Update (Android Nougat 7.1.1 – api 25)
– Minor fixes and optimizations
V 1.00.647
– Initial release

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