Berzerker CM12-13 Theme v0.4.0

Berzerker CM12-13 Theme v0.4.0
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Berzerker is a Beautiful Dark Theme with Chrome and silver accents.. Berzerker was inspired by Vikings they call the Berserkr. I created this theme for the world famous CM Theme engine, its compatible with CM12, CM12.1, and Cm13. This is for the CyanogenMod CM Theme Engine.
I will update Berzerker with the latest commits as CyanogenMod makes them available , that way we can all have a best user experience.. I do run my themes myself and will keep them updated and will continually add more as I theme new apps.. Big Thank you, to Google, XDA, and CyanogenMod for their pursuit to give us the best of Android


This has become a big theme so allow a few mins for it to completely install. Thank you

Please enable Night/Dark Theme in apps that have the option, I theme many apps that use day/night or dark/light theme options.

If you are using a custom theme, you should apply the stock theme, reboot then apply my theme and reboot at least once.
Confirmed Working On – Official DU, AOSiP, AICP, RR, Bliss, Pure Nexus, EOS, Exodus, Temasek 5.0 thru 6.0.1 and CM12 thru 13

Download  S Note v5.1.00-95

Because some Unofficial Rom builds make Unofficial edits, and add mods that may conflict with heavily modded Themes, I am not supporting Unofficial builds. Please have a good working backup just in case. If you have an issue please email me and I will do my best to fix

Berzerker includes over 160 dark themed apps and over 200 matching icons

☆New to Berzerker☆

Take a peek at all the apps I include and any new changes I make below … sp=sharing

My themes are compatible with the TBO n Theme Ready apps from djdarkknight, DaveyAnnihilation, Train88 and the whole TBO Team. Check em out, and dont be scared of the dark. … e-t3113192
For My Berzerker Keyboards

*Please check Holo White or Blue for my Berzerker Keyboard..
*Please check Material light or Dark for my Material Dark Keyboard


If you have a request, or a question you can reach me at [email protected] or at my Gplus page

Download  PLAY - Icon Pack v4.2

***Very Special Thank You to my Code bros, Mark Bencze, Jay Rod, Mark Burton, and Barry S ( cyandorman )
***Special Huge Thank you to the all knowing djdarkknight/TBO
***Big Thank you to Gunthermic ( dark horse/ averages joe’s, micmars the founder of hole in one, and deuce_biggins the creator of Biggins boxes, and the CET at The Biggins Group.


iheart Radio- blacked out
Mozilla Fire Fox- blacked out
Mozilla Fire Fox Beta- blacked out
Tunein Radio – fixed cast text
Tapatalk misc pngs and new Splash
Contact at [email protected] or on Gplus

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