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Xposed for Samsung [LP/MM] 3.0 alpha 4 v87.0

Xposed for Samsung [LP/MM] 3.0 alpha 4 v87.0
Requirements: 6.0+ | ROOT
Overview: This is an Xposed framework variant built for Samsung devices.
Xposed for Samsung
This is an Xposed framework variant built and tested on the Galaxy S6 (G920F) and the Galaxy Note 4 (N910C), but it should support all other Samsung devices (GS5, Note 5, GS6E, GS6E+…) running TW 5.1.1.

Samsung made a lot of changes to ART without providing the sources, that’s why it took a while to workaround some of their changes, more information here.

It supports Deodexed and Odexed TW Roms.

Tested on my G920F with my Rom, and on Note 5 by @jthrasher47 and @imfaraz, thanks for your patience guys.

Download  Road Recorder PRO v1.8.0

– Stock (or close to stock) 5.1.1 Roms
– CWM recovery

Bugs report:
– If you get any App FC, lag, bootloop… post your Rom details, xposed logs and PM your logcat
– Make sure you are flashing the correct version: arm for arm32 devices GS5, Note4,… and arm64 for GS6, Note5…
– Disable all modules and reboot to make sure your issue is related to the framework

How to install:
– Install Xposed Installer App
– Make a nandroid backup
– Copy the Xposed file and the uninstaller to your sdcard
– Flash “” through CWM recovery
– Reboot

Download  AdAway v3.2 Preview 2 build 11.12.2016

– This version includes @rovo89’s fix to workaround the Google’s November security patch that restricts zygote’s access to some paths (including /data/app), more details about this issue can be found here.

More Info:


Download Instructions:
Android 6.0:




Xposed Unistallers

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