Flytube v1.09.RC1 [Plus]

Flytube v1.09.RC1 [Plus]
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Overview: Flytube offers a new way to watch videos from YouTube on your Android device. Watch them anywhere you want.
Flytube Plus
Sometimes you’re watching a YouTube video and then someone writes you a message, or you need to search for something on the web.
But if you leave YouTube the video will stop. With Flytube this problem is solved. Videos will open in a small window and always stay in front.
Set Flytube as your default YouTube player by following the instructions in the intro. Afterwards, all YouTube links will be opened with Flytube.
You can also use the share function to open a video window. Just press the share button in a video and select Flytube – the video will appear in front.
Try Flytube for yourself and give some feedback here.

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YouTube Terms of Servies
According to device and network abuse policy and section 4.4 of the developer distribution agreement and YouTubes Terms of Services it is not allowed to play videos in background.
This app does not violates this rules by keeping the app itself in front and also the screen on. If a user locks the device FLytube will automatically turn screen on again and video is shown in front.
Any background playing situation is not reached.

Flytube is a third party app. All the content is provided by YouTube services. Therefore Flytube does not have direct control over the content displayed.
Please use the following link to report any content that may infringe copyrights:
Flytube is not a music downloader.

For support please join this community … 3022288179

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• Upgrade – Custom colors, video sizing and removes advertising
• Donates – Support this project with some small donations

• Internet – used for advertisements
• Access network – used to receive advertisements
• System overlay – used for draw over apps
• Billing – used for in app billing products


[version 1.09.RC1]
• New: Playback when screen off or locked
• New: Changed inapp purchase process
• Fixed: Minor bugs

This app has NO advertisements

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Download Instructions:PLUS features unlocked


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