Orion CM13 Theme v3.0

Orion CM13 Theme v3.0
Arcus Supported with instant patch.
Orion is port of our’s Lunar theme for Layers inspired by dark deepness of Space and some elements of Tech with custom dual color icons for Settings and QS tiles plus different colors variations(Arcus Required)
Requirements: 6.0+
** Warning **
This theme does not have custom icons for apps nor it has notification, ringtones and font and there are no immediate plans to add those. This theme is only tested on pure CM 13.

Your feedback is important to us and we will be working on updates and adding new features to Orion.

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Have an issue? Contact us on hangouts or email :- [email protected] or [email protected]

What’s Themed:-
AOSP/CM Dialer
AOSP/CM Contact
AOSP Keyboard
AOSP calculator
Google Keyboard(Black/Dark Gray theme only)
Google Hangouts
Google Dialer
Google Drive
Google Keep
Google Now with Launcher
Google Messenger
Google Duo
Google Allo
Google Play Store
SystemUi with Softkeys
More apps and color will added in upcoming updates. :)

Credits :-
René Matusik (shenef) for testing and providing the feedback.
Google for icons.


Arcus Support with 5 extra color variations.
Google Allo
Google Duo
Changes and bug fixes:-
Removed some assets of theme like boot animation and lock screen walls will add new ones in future updates.
Changed G+ back to white.
Added and tweaked some system icons.
Various bug fixes made in many apps

Download  Kent hexagon icon pack Premium

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More Info:

Code: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=infnity.snn.orion&hl=en

Download Instructions:


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