AdClear v6.0.0.502379 (Non-Root Full-Version Ad Blocker)

AdClear v6.0.0.502379 (Non-Root Full-Version Ad Blocker)
AdClear is the premier non-root adblocker for Android users. AdClear’s technology filters out advertisers before they invade your browsing or app experience.
Requirements: 4.0.3+

No more:
YouTube ads
Encrypted ads
Clickbait ads
Intrusive ads

Our adblocker is the best in the market at blocking YouTube ads, and we’re the first on Android to block encrypted ads. As a bonus, adblocker saves battery, bandwidth, and loading times for users, and keeps users safe from malware-infected ads. The best part: it’s free. If you want to keep advertisers out, AdClear’s here for you.

Blocks encrypted ads
Works with Wi-Fi and cell data
Blocks ads in apps
Selective app filtering
Support for all browsers
Log of blocked ads
Saves bandwidth and battery
Increases loading speeds online


How Does It Work?
AdClear is non-root, but it works on rooted phones just the same. AdClear creates a VPN on your device to filter out ad traffic before it reaches you on the web or in apps. The SSL certificate gets in the way of encrypted ads and filters them in the same way. This means the ad blocker can run in the background while you browse in whatever browser or app you want to use.

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Device-wide protection
On-device VPN Blocks ads across apps & browsers.

Privacy guaranteed
On-device VPN means your data never touches our servers. We don’t route traffic through any of our servers – they go directly to the destination from the device. VPN is used only to locally route the traffic to adblocker in the device itself.

Encryption-proof blocking
On-device VPN prevents ad traffic from impacting your experience or data usage.

Performance optimized
Tested, proven, patented technology never slows your device down.

Ad-free in simple steps
Install this app, its on-device VPN, and security certificate: less ads in seconds.


Change List

Moved settings into the navigation drawer (menu on left side of screen)
Swipe down to refresh lists from server
Fixed an issue when downloading apps from Google Play Store
Fixed an issue when attaching screenshots
Fixed an issue with some MMS apps for some devices
Fixed networking issue experienced by some users
Added setting to enable privacy protection (Off by default)
Moved Advanced Protection into Settings page
Moved Additional Lists into Settings page
Fixed some domains being mistakenly blocked by filters
Fixed affiliate links being mistakenly blocked in browsers
Fixed AdClear beta links being mistakenly blocked in browsers
Fixed connection issues for users
Added conversation window to see past issues sent to us from feedback
Improved our crash detection
Removed unneeded permissions from the app for new downloads
Bug fixes and improvements

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