Vibrance CM13 CM12.1 DU Theme v2.1

Vibrance CM13 CM12.1 DU Theme v2.1
Vibrance is as the name suggest a vibrant theme for cm12/13 theme engine.
Requirements: 5.0+
Vibrance HD
It is a mix vibrant and dark colors, giving your phone a complete new feel.
This theme has made with quality in mind and all you can expect is refreshing colors and real high quality.
Please keep in mind that this theme works with cm12/12.1 Cm13 and its derivatives only.
AICP, Euphoria, Blisspop, Dirty Unicorns etc are fully supported.

What is themed

● Framework
● SystemUI
● Dialer
● Contacts
● Whatsapp
● Instagram
● Calculator
● Calendar
● Gmail
● Aosp Keyboard
● Google Play store
● Google Keyboard
● Google Search
● Google Now Launcher
● Google Play Music
● Google Messenger
● Messaging
● Settings
● Google Hangouts
● Google Plus
● Theme Chooser
● Youtube
● Sliders
● Scrubbers
● Icons
● Navigation Bar
● More to come.

Download  DarkElegantUi - CM13/CM12

Once you apply it, make sure to restart your phone for it to take full effect.

If you find any bug with the theme, contact us via email, We’ll fix it asap.


-Added missing icons in DUI smartbar and quick settings.
-Fixed text issues in whatsapp, G play and G search.
-Improvements in gmail, gplus, gplay, g search, facebook etc.

Download  Flashlight PRO v2.0.0

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