Vibes CM13 Theme v0.4.1

Vibes CM13 Theme v0.4.1
I’m sure you know this theme works only for devices running theme engine compatible roms.
Requirements: 5.0+

As you can see, this is a early version. That’s mean that it’s still “under construction” but it’s usable for a daily use.
What’s themed:
SystemUi (statusbar & notifications pulldown)
Contacts app
CM music app
Dialer app
Settings app

Don’t forget to join this comunity for feedback, requests ans bug reports

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Credits go to:
Bryan Owens (DJDarkknight96) always helpul, always nice.
Sebastian Spindler for his awesome photo I used as wallpaper.
People of Cyanogenmod.



30/06/16 update
-Second attempt to fix some icons in settings
-Couple of fixes in qs panel
previous update:
– Now Vibes also glows
– re-made some icons
– attempt to fix some icons in settings for some alternative roms/devices
-Bug fixes and other things I don’t remember ;)

Download  Ampere Pro v2.01.6

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