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Optica-App Pro v0.0.1

Optica-App is a group of computing applications in the area of optics and optometry. Highlighting has several applications calculating lens thickness.
Requirements: 4.1+

Optica-App is a group of computing applications in the area of optics and optometry. Highlighting has several applications calculating lens thickness.

This “Pro” version fixes several bugs in the first version of OpticaApp and adds new features and enhancements:
– Better and faster interaction. Adding prescription at the start will be available in all applications.
– Languages: Spanish and English.
– Thickness Lens estimate weight and volume.
– Mini Notes application to add notes, images, graduations, …

This developed by a server (optical and developer) and have taken into account the needs of calculation are given in the task of optics and optometry.

This application is used to calculate, but also to show or explain to clients or patients some concepts that can be difficult to represent. This is an added value in the relationship with customers.

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The application consists of six applications calculation:

1. Transpose: Calculate the transpose of the spherocylinder formula and also represents the optical cross with the arrangement of the powers. Image of interest in explaining to customers how your prescription is available in 2D.

2. Distometría: Performs calculation of spherical power and / or toric depending on the vertex distance (distance-eye lens). We get 3 results:
2. 1. Exact calculation
2. 2. Calculation negative cylinder and 0.25D steps for ordering contact lens.
2. 3. Calculation of spherical equivalent.

3. Overcorrection considering toric lens rotation thereof.

4. Addition: Calculate the theoretical addition of a person depending on the working distance and age. We can choose 2 different distances to compare.

5. Thickness lens *: obtain the edge thickness and center on the main points of the lens. Great help to advise clients in making decisions about what kind of lens choice being a good sales pitch.
Siguentes has the features:
5.1. Comparison between two materials (refractive index).
5.2. Consideration of the diameter, thickness important positive lenses.
5.3. Precalibrado option for frames pasta, metal, slotted and air.
6. Photos and notes: To temporarily store notes, images, graduations, …
In this application it has taken special care in the use and user experience to be easy and quick to use. It also includes information on each application.

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(* Lens thickness. The calculations performed are approximate and do not take into account the curvature of the lens and other parameters that can offer providers lenses For the exact calculation is necessary to use programs providers lenses.)

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Code: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.luiscornejo.opticaapppro&hl=en

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