Family Finder

Family Finder v1.0
Wondering where your mother, father, sister, aunt, grandpa, grandma, uncle, niece, nephew, daughter,or son is????
Requirements: 4.0.3+
Family Finder

Wondering where your mother, father, sister, aunt, grandpa, grandma, uncle, niece, nephew, daughter,or son is????

Find all your family members and protect them with us

So Where’s yours???

Family Finder brings sensibility, competency, and accuracy together for the security of your family, friends, elderly grandparents anybody you cherish. Keep them safe with us find them anytime, anywhere, anyplace in the world.

With Family Finder

. Stay connected on the whereabouts of your family and loved ones with a push of a button!

. Location logs never delete and is stored by date so you can always review past locations visited by Family members your tracking

. Your friend went to get the pizza and he’s not back yet see where he’s at

. Stranded on the road and dont know exactly where to find them no problem check our app and get the exact address

. Make sure the kids arrive on time

. Find & pinpoint loved ones and even find the fastest route to them and how far they are in relation to where you are with our built in Google Maps intergration.

. Enter the address of the destination of a family member and how long they’ll be there and use our “RADIUS” feature to determine how many miles outside of that they can go and receive an update if they venture outside of it

Download  Imgur: Awesome Images & GIFs v2.8.0.2789

. Take a picture or use one from your gallery to use as your profile photo on Family Finder’s homepage

. We update you regularly on where your family is in increments you set forth in the drop down menu

. If the phone is turned off, restarted, or rebooted Family Finder resumes location tracking
services soon as it boots back up!!!

. Runs in the background and creates insignificant impact on your battery

. Locate stolen/lost devices Family Finder is downloaded on by checking the most recent address on a family members device whom you are tracking and has also downloaded the app
. Tablet compatible

. “EDIT BEACON” in app icon feature sets a location “RADIUS” for your ones you place it on & receive a notification if that radius is broken

If you need help please contact our support at:

[email protected]

. No intrusive apps or money stealing in app purchases necessary we are an all in one package built for the people

. Checks whereabouts of loved ones regularly

– Family Finder allows you to locate your children, grandchildren, parents, wife, wife to be, husband or patient(nurses) anywhere anytime they carry there device

. Perfect for special needs children and there caretakers.

– Its ease of use & straight to the point design combines with gps location technology to assist in connecting you to the people and gadgets you cherish most

– Know the location of your loved ones if they are lost or late

Download  Textra SMS v3.29 build 32902 [Pro]

– Mark zones on the interactive map. Set a start time & end time, set the address & set a “Radius” of up to 3miles around the person you are tracking & receive a notification/alert when the person leaves that zone using the (Edit Beacon) tab/icon

– ” Pending Tracking Request” icon allows you to make the decision of allowing tracking permissions at your convenience & leisure

To set up location gathering on a phone with our application :

. Install the application on both phones yours and the person you want to locate
. After they accept your request you can set the increments of time you want location data updates on our drop down menu

Built with your Family in Mind.

Family Finder uses your email address to function & consent to utilize its location capabilities requires consent off anyone you want to locate

A professional safety app built as a tool to improve the safety and security of your family

Safety Is a must and do not give access or accept a request from anyone you do not trust and never tell anyone you do not trust your location

Location services must be turned on

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