Dark Stock Theme v1.4.8 [Substratum]

Substratum] Dark Stock Theme v1.4.8
The theme has been tested on Android M2 and M3, stock Android Marshmallow (yeah!), Cataclysm ROM (hybrid AOSP/Stock ROM) and Minimal OS ROM (AOSP).
Dark Stock
The theme installs through Layers Manager, that you can download here, IT REQUIRES ROOT, Busybox, and a Layers compatible ROM: https://spam.com/KjYWJF
**If you have black text in contacts, flash this zip https://spam.com/UPGdQ1 ONLY FOR 5.1.x,
this one ONLY for Marshmallow ROMs http://spam.com/tkRLwl if the zip doesn’t work, flash also this one: dropbox.com/s/8htu66g4zd47ute/ThemeableGoogleContactsDialer.zip?dl=1 .
Here the official wallpaper, used in the previews: http://spam.com/teUry8

Download  BELTZ Layers Theme v7.6

Themed elements:

-AOSP Contacts** ;
-AOSP Dialer;
-AOSP Keyboard;
-AOSP Launcher;
-Documents/Download UI;
-Google Chrome;
-Google Contacts** ;
-Google Dialer;
-Google Keep;
-Google Keyboard;
-Google Hangouts;
-Google Inbox;
-Google Launcher/Now;
-Google Mail;
-Google Messenger;
-Google Play Music;
-Google Play Store;
-Google Plus;
-Google Translate;
-Nova Launcher’s searchbar;
-Package Installer;


-Installation process made easier if you use different notification options;
-Added Substratum app.
Layers resources won’t be updated anymore, so:
1. Update the theme from Play Store;
2. Uninstall the whole theme from Layers Manager;
3. Uninstall Layers Manager;
4. Install this app https://goo.gl/BB5eio ;
5. Open substratum app and from it install the theme again.
(layers resources are still there to make the switch more painless for noobs)

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More Info:

Code: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=bitsykolayers.piereligio.dst

Download Instructions:.


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