Chromer v1.6 B3 beta

Chromer v1.6 B3 beta
Chromer allows you to use chome custom tabs on your phone without requiring app developers to implement it manually.
Requirements: 4.1+

By doing so, you get a lighter, faster and secure browsing experience!

Featured in: ‘Chromer’ gives every app its own custom internal browser.

What do I need to use this?
You need any custom tab compatible browsers. As of now only Google Chrome 45 and greater supports custom tab, hence you need to have it installed to make any use of this app. You can install it here :

Hows is using chrome custom tabs advantageous?
Using chrome custom tabs you have the following advantages
•  You don’t need to leave the app you are using, minimal distractions.
•  Pages load faster relatively.
•  You don’t need to login to websites again.
•  Your forms are auto filled if you have auto fill enabled.
•  You can use chrome’s data saver feature.
•   Your browsing experience is secure with latest security updates! Other apps using in-built webview can be prone to security and performance issues. If you are below 5.0 definitely consider chromer!

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Compared to normal chrome?
With Chromer, you are essentially loading a light weight version of chrome that is fast and designed for the sole purpose of displaying webpages quickly. You can always Menu – Open in chrome to open the page in chrome and enjoy all features like bookmarks, history and multi-tab browsing!

How to use?
Set Chromer as the default browser in your phone. From there on, any link you try to open in your phone will be presented in a custom tab. You can also not do this and choose to open link in chromer when prompted

More on chome custom tabs :

Your suggestions are most welcome, please find the way to send feedback in app. Please rate the app if you like it!

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What’s New

BETA Release
NEW: Complete redesign of settings – Now tabbed and easier to access
NEW: New material design animations
NEW: Configure web head size
NEW: 5.0+ Web head now has realistic drop shadow
NEW: 5.0+ Merge tabs and tabs – Each recent card will have icon and title of the web site. Other issues fixed.
IMPROVED: Custom tab opening speed
IMPROVED: Smoother fling animations
IMPROVED: Tweaked web head close and reveal animations
IMPROVED: Search view UI.
FIXED: Icons getting cut on N

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