Aviasoft Nature Explorer Windows Mobile

Aviasoft Nature Explorer v3.1.4
Requirements:Windows Mobile WM5 or WM6; VGA or WVGA; Net CF 2.0+, SD Card Storage
Overview: Nature Explorer is a easy to use nature identification program covering 12 nature topics easily viewed. Locale is Europe. This is the latest version and supercedes old version v6.1.0.
Aviasoft Nature Explorer

* Uses the new Android Database with Topics…
* Birds
* Butterflies & Moths
* Wild Flowers
* Fungi
* Trees
* Insects
* Marine Animals
* Reptiles
* Rocks
* Fossils
* Weather
* Wild Herbs
Other Features:
* Photographs, drawings and text.
* graphical menus choose items by shape, colour or type
* Detailed category lists in text menus.
* Latin or English names
* 240mb of data stored on your SD Card
* Users can add their own photos

Download  N Docs - Office, Pdf, Text, Markup, Code, Ebook v3.5.3 [Mod]

More Info:

Code: www.aviasoft.co.uk

Download Instructions:

Full Program download (240mb):

PROGRAM (Installer CABS):

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