Auto Profiles (paid)

Auto Profiles v4.22 (paid)
Do you want an easy way to change ring volume and other settings? Auto Profiles can do that automatically for you. Or you can change profile manually with very few clicks.
Requirements: 2.3 and up
Auto Profiles

Auto Profiles is an easily accessible tool that can sit as a widget on your home screen, as a notification, or both, or neither.

These settings can be controlled:
* Ring volume (with white list)
* Ring signal
* Vibration
* Notification volume
* Brightness
* Ringtone
* Bluetooth
* WiFi
* Media volume
* Alarm volume
* Airplane mode (Android 4.1 or earlier)
* Mobile network (Earlier than Android 5.0)
* Wallpaper

These events can trigger what profile to use:
* When you are connect to a specific WiFi network
* During a time period
* When the charger is connected
* When there is an active meeting in your calendar
* When you are at a specific location
* When you are near a certain GSM cell
* When the battery reaches a certain level

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When you have a set of profiles that suit your needs, you can leave it there and manually select the profile you need for the moment, with just two clicks, or select a profile for a given time period. For example you can select the profile ‘Quite’ for one hour.

Auto Profiles can select a profile automatically, for example, you can have the profile ‘Night’ applied between 11PM and 7AM on weekdays and is silent for all but white listed numbers. When you arrive at work and your phone connects to the office WLAN, it automatically selects the profile ‘Work’. When you leave the office for lunch Auto Profiles applies the profile ‘Normal’ and when a meeting occurs in your calendar will the profile ‘Meeting ’ be applied, when you are at the golf course will the profile quiet be applied.

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Create as many profiles as you need. You can create an empty profile or one filled with your phones current settings.

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