Android N Dark theme Mode CM13 v125

Android N Dark theme Mode CM13 v125
This theme is exactly the one that Google put in Android M second preview, extended on more apps.
Requirements: 5.0 +
Android N Dark
If you have problems on CyanogenMod 13, uninstall and reinstall the theme.

Themed elements:
-Alarm tone
-System UI

-CyanogenMod File Manager
-CyanogenMod Messages
-CyanogenMod Recorder
-CyanogenMod Updater
-Documents/Download UI
-Facebook (statusbar only)
-Google Chrome
-Google Keep
-Google Hangouts
-Google Inbox
-Google Launcher/Now
-Google Mail
-Google Messenger
-Google Play Music
-Google Play Store
-Google Plus
-Google Translate
-Launcher3/Trebuchet(=CM Launcher)
-Nova Launcher’s searchbar
-Package Installer
-Theme Chooser
-YouTube (settings and few icons)

Download  XiiaLive Pro - Internet Radio v3.3.2.1 (Patched)


-Updated ES File Manager;
-Fixes in Google Hangouts (links and calls text color);
-Darkened Google Play Music search text color;
-Fix text in Google Keep;
-Added some splash screen;
-Fixes in CM Themes selector;
-Fix in CM Updater.

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Download  Annabelle UI - Icon Pack v1.2.6


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