Naptime Premium v2.0 [root]

Naptime Premium v2.0 [root]
Configure Doze on your Marshmallow device to achieve even better battery life.
Requirements: 6.0+

Doze is amazing – arguably the best feature of Android™ Marshmallow. But with its caveats. It can take at least 2 hours to kick in (if the device is stationary, not charging etc). If you move around, even with the screen off, doze won’t kick in, so there are a lot of potential battery saving opportunities lost, gone with the wind.

With Naptime by toggling in the “Aggressive doze” options (and assuming you’re rooted) Doze will kick in right after you screen off AND it disables your sensors so that it doesn’t kick you out from doze mode if you move around. When your device screens on everything goes back to normal. It’s just like magic.

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If you don’t want to use “Aggressive doze” you can also tune all the framework doze options to your liking. Although it’s a bit for advanced users each item is bundled with a description.

Never settle with bad battery life again with Naptime.


1 – Aggressive doze now disables sensors as soon as it enters doze (takes at least 5 seconds after screen-off, or longer if you have a higher lockscreen timeout). This will prevent doze from being disabled as soon as you move your device. It returns to normal when you screen on;
2 – Layout improvements
3 – Added two non-obstructive ads (sorry, but a man has got to eat). If you donate (or donated before) through the app those ads will disappear forever

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