Bacon Camera v1.4.0

Bacon Camera v1.4.0
Requirements: 5.0+ LP
Overview: First Camera app with almost full manual controls for OnePlus One and LG G3 (running stock Android 6.0 Marshmallow)

Bacon Camera
With Bacon Camera you will be able to see how powerful is your camera module, optimized with all possible features! (Without Lollipop Camera2 APIs, of course)

Manual Controls supported for OnePlus One are:
– Full Manual Focus
– Full Manual White Balance
– Full Manual Exposure Compensation
– Semi-Manual ISO speed
– Full Manual Exposure Time (up to 64sec!)
– Bayer RAW and DNG support

Manual Controls supported for LG G3 (>= Android 6.0 Marshmallow) are:
– Full Manual Focus
– Full Manual Exposure Compensation
– Semi-Manual ISO speed
– Bayer RAW and DNG support

*** (Only LG G3) Support for Laser Focus and DSLR Advanced Features: UbiFocus, ChromaFlash, OptiZoom ***

*** (OnePlus One) Support to ClearImage and 50Mpx shot. ***

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A new exlusive algorithm tells you the distance between the camera and manual-focused objects.

Many other improvements and tweeks makes this app unique and perfect in any conditions!

Bacon Camera is designed for stock OnePlus One firmware (CyanogenOS 12.1), however people with custom ROMs can use it too but sometimes with some limitation (according to the driver inside your ROM), and LG G3 running stock Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Since this app is still in beta state there are still some know bugs :)
– Sometimes the app can crash or freeze (in any case clear camera from recent apps).
– RAW format and slow shutter speed (> 2sec) causes a freeze. Reboot the phone -Camera Driver issue, only manufacturer can fix this-
– Flash needs “Zero Shutter Lag” always to be ON (Only OnePlus One)
– Video in HSR works only with a CAF based ROM (not the stock one)

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– Initial support to Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
– Autofocus mode in video module
– Bug fixes and general improvements

How to install:tnx to MMWolverine

1. Open menu of patches
2. Change the app’s components
3. Change permissions Save original Signature (Safe method)
4. scroll down to CHECK_LICENSE and disable
5. Rebuild & Install
6. launch Bacon cam, allow permissions, it will fc
7. Re-enable CHECK_LICENSE and Rebuild again
8. Now launch Bacon cam & it should work

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