WIN 10 COLORS v1.0.8

WIN 10 COLORS v1.0.8
Win 10 Colors is icon pack which is inspired by Googles new Material Design language,combined with the Win 10 colors.Rounded icon pack, along with White shape.It looks harmonious and Unified,but also bright and attractive.
Requirements: 4.0.3+
WIN 10

Win 10 Colors is designed with high definition details. Every icon is well crafted.Just enjoy and make your phone distinctive!


– 1800+ icons (192×192 xxxhdpi)
– 10 HD Wallpapers
– Supports most major launchers
– Built-in Icon Request
– Continuous updating and optimization

Supported launchers

– Action Launcher
– ADW Launcher
– ADW EX Launcher
– Apex Launcher
– Nova Launcher
– Smart Launcher
– Go Launcher
– Smart Launcher Pro
– M Launcher
Hope to works well with many others.

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All icons look clear and delicate,because they are made in the highest definition.

Icon Requests

Win 10 Colors provides Icon Requests.To request icons,please open Win 10 Colors and navigate to the Icon Request section. We will continue to strive to add add new icons,as well as update existing icons to keep pace with new application icon.

Alternative icons

If you want to configure an alternative icon for a specific app individually, you can follow like this:hold down the specific icon and release it, then a small pop-up will appear.It will allow you to edit the icon and the name or do something else. From there, select the icon, this will show icon packs in your phone, then select Win 10 Colors and choose your favorite icon.

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V1.0.8 (2016-5-13)
1.New logo for the app icon pack.
2.Add 200+ new icons.
3.Adapt to more launchers
4.Fix bugs.

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