Space cm13 cm12 theme v1.37

Space cm13 cm12 theme v1.37
Space theme! old name “InnerSpace”
Requirements: 5.0+

For the theme engine based on CM13 and CM12.X. Available for MM and Lollipop roms (android 6.0.X and 5.1.X). Note – CyanOS too.
Theme is including:
•Alarms, application Icons, fonts, notifications, ringtones and wallpapers;
•System UI: lock screen, quick settings, status bar, navigation bar and power menu;
•Play Store;
•Camera (aosp and google);
•CM account;
•CM updater;
•Eleven (music);
•File manager;
•Google messenger;
•Google now launcher;
•Google settings:
•Keyboard (aosp and google);
•Sound recorder;
•Snap camera;
•Trebuchet (cm launcher);
and other applications.

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Please reboot your phone after update!
• New app icons for google phone and google contacts;
• Themed theme chooser;
• Themed google search app;
• Themed google dialer;
• Themed new google keyboard (white and dark theme);
• Various fixes for: cm12.1 and du;
• Various fixes for apps: cm12.1 sms; hangouts; whatsapp; audiofx; dialer; cos dialer.

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