Scope Companion v1.28 (paid)

Scope Companion v1.28 (paid)
Scope Companion is software for computing performance parameters of optical equipment for astronomy, primarily designed for telescope novices and first-time buyers of optical systems.
Requirements: 1.6 and up
Scope Companion

Functions that are typically used in the dark come on red night view screens with adjustable screen brightness.

Upon input of basic specifications, such as aperture and focal length, Scope Companion calculates the ideal performance of the optics and plots a performance graph. Performance data can also be calculated for binoculars.

The imaging section calculates the field of view with a given CCD camera and lens/scope configuration. The data can be visually confirmed by means of a simulation against the surface of the moon and other objects.

Additional helper functions include a star transit counter for measuring the field of view of an unknown eyepiece, a dew point estimator, a compass, north/south polar finder, level meter, observatory clock, red light lamp, etc.

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The dew point estimator supports built-in temperature/humidity sensors. The compass compensates for magnetic declination or points magnetic north.

An Observatory Clock in red night view mode with adjustable screen brightness is provided for use during observations. It shows local, universal, sidereal and martian time plus the positions of the Jovian moons!

Rise and set times are computed for the major solar system objects.

Visual aids include a red lamp and a magnifier implemented with the built-in rear camera.

Essential Features
* Telescope performance
* Binocular performance
* CCD imaging simulator
* Star transit counter
* Dew point estimator (sensor support)
* Compass
* Polar finder (north and south)
* Image orientation
* Latest Sun images (online)
* Observatory Clock
* Comet tracking
* Weather Station (online)
* Rise and set times
* Level Meter
* Red light lamp

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INTERNET permission is raised for download of sun images and weather data. No data is transmitted.
GPS permission is raised as coordinates can be acquired by GPS, however, manual input is provided as well.
MEMORY permission is raised as the app can be installed to external card.

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