Burst Horde v1.1.0 (Mods)

Burst Horde v1.1.0 (Mods)
The most popular and competitive ARPG+MOBA game in 2016!
Requirements: Android 4.0+
Burst Horde

MOBA with ARPG. Unparalleled heroes, excellent 3D technology, fancy scene, stunning skill effect and diversiform hero foster system. One-touch to trigger each hero’s unique ultimate skill. Join and discover the action-card-battle world of Burst Horde!

【Game Feature】
Unique Trinity Mode, World at Your Command
Adopted the revolutionary battle mode “Trinity”that one player controls 3 heroes in one battle, experience the joy of pk by simple operation! Control these heroes and ultimate skills manually to get out of the crisis, win or nothing, it’s in your hands!

Exclusive Hero Foster System
The most powerful hero is awaiting! Collectingvarious of heroes by consuming diamonds, foster your own unique special hero by upgrading heroes’ level, skill level, promote, star-up and so on. Different hero collocation will bring you unexpected battle results, collect more heroes to activate unique fate!

Adventure Unique PK Mode
Revolutionary real-time battle platform brings you characteristic experience, and help you understand the real meaning of PVP. Diverse battle strategy, one-touch skill release and diverse hero combination, all these created an exciting and interesting PVP world!

Download  Doomsday Clicker v1.5.3 (Mod Money)

Rich Gameplay &New MOBA Style
Inherit traditional MOBA play methods, simulate “single/double tower battle” gameplay, break the tower and swipe you way to victory. Enter the chaos of battle to be the king.

Rail Rush, Infinite Plunder
Dispatch heroes quartered in your own mine to gain abundant items like high level gems, halidomfragments and equipment fragments.Make impossible possible!

Abundant Rewards & Valuable Heroes
Big bonus is awaiting, all kinds of limited gift packs, diamonds, gold and heroes, come and get great rewards!

1. High Attack
2. Skill Cooldown Reduced To 3s

Mod 2:
1.) slightly shorten CD – abilities fire off more frequently
2.) enable auto fight, auto run, auto attack as default
3.) enable auto fight control display to toggle to manual in all most modes (including boss)
4.) lucky draw will show items, no more guessing – click on the border frame to select item!
5.) remove most immunity from enemies (note your immunity is untouched nor boosted!)
6.) damage slightly boosted
7.) minor – auto fight and manual can be used together! Switch explicitly to manual if you want full control
8.) bug fixes on previous release, small surprises, to bring best enjoyment to your game
9.) guild boss reward, pick your best! now chests are open for you to choose!
10.) kill your enemies faster, keep pressing that normal skill while auto is on
11.) slightly shorten stun and silence on your heroes – you still get them, just much shorter

Download  Windward v1601021

Some notes:
1.) during guided story, you need to wait till story finish before selecting lucky draw
2.) auto run is a bit buggy in game, ever seen a hero stuck on corner? switch to manual then auto
3.) Arena has no skill control, that’s by design.

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Code: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.galaxygame.baozousea

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