Mini Legend Mod

Mini Legend Mod
Mini Legend v47 Mod “Unleash the Speed Within, Become a Mini Legend”
Requirements: 4.0 and up
Mini Legend

Mini Legend is a strategic racing simulation game based on the Mini 4WD model cars. The game features a variety of Mini 4WD cars and parts to choose from allowing players to freely mod and customize a car that is uniquely theirs. Those who’ve had experience with the real thing will feel right at home, while those who are completely new to the world of Mini 4WDs can try their hands at becoming a master tuner.

“Deep Yet Flexible Customization System”

Becoming a master tuner isn’t just about slapping on the most powerful motor. The essence to being a great Mini 4WD tuner is tip-toeing the line between speed and stability. Mini Legend recognizes this essence and incorporates it into the game’s car customization system. Nearly every part of the car is customizable. From the car’s motor, chassis, tires, rims, stabilizers, rollers to gear ratios can be tuned and adjusted by the player allowing for maximum customizability. Switching out any single part will have a different impact on the car’s overall performance. Therefore, each player will have a completely unique car that’s true to their vision.

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However, Mini Legend isn’t just about making cars go “fast”, but also about aesthetics. The game allows players to express their personal style and flair. There’s over 30 different types of car shells available along with an infinite combination of color, saturation and tone to adjust. Furthermore, each car can be further customized through unique decals giving your car a completely new look to express your personal tastes. Mini Legend has incorporated unique car designs from both in-house design team and also design artists from around the world to create unique looking cars for the game.

Mini Legend contains 3 different game modes.

“Single Player Story Mode”
– Follow the story of a young Mini 4WD rookie as he or she enters in the world of Mini 4WD to become the next master tuner.
– Over 90 different levels to test your skills
– Unique and memorable characters to interact with
– Challenging Boss Battles!

“One-on-One PVP Mode”
– Race friends and foe through the in-game smart match making system
– Compare and draw inspiration from other players’ cars by examining their setup

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“Special Event Races”
– Weekly and Monthly Races with unique rewards!
– Limited time events
– Restricted Class Races to test your tuning skills



Social Now On!
– Sending Mini Coins to Friends Daily
– Race against Friends!
Daily TA Race
– Compete in daily Time Attack Race for Rewards!
New Acts
– 36 New Stages Added!
PVP Revamped
– Race against 2 other Racers!
– Different PVP Race Tracks and Rewards Each Week!
Other Changes
– Level cap increased to 60
– Added a new “Boost” Function Mod for all parts.
– Money, Experience, and item drop chance up mod is replaced by the new “Boost” mod for all parts
– Adjustments to various parts stats

Hacks: Credit: Hacked by LusX
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