Lin Theme [CM 12.x/13] v2.5

Lin Theme [CM 12.x/13] v2.5
Lin theme is the way I see Android, is clean, attractive and provides a feeling of full immersion,compatible with all roms that support CyanogenMod theme engine 12.x and 13.
Requirements: 5.0+

With this theme I want to improve the user experience without changing its nature.
Lin supports arcus for color variants download the application from playstore

Download  XtraOClock Widget v1.6.4.5 Patched

IMPORTANT:For proper installation 1) Apply Theme AOSP 2) Apply Dew 3) Restart

What’s themed:

-Includes Icons
-Theme Chooser
-AOSP Browser
-Sound Recorder
-System UI
-Music ( Eleven )
-Accounts (Cyanogenmod)
-Cyanogenmod Updater
-Google Playmusic


-Added new Theme with Android N style (arcus)
-Fix Oneplus One bug

Download  PeakFinder Earth v2.7.0

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