Halo: Combat Evolved [Halo 4] v1.0 Alpha

Halo: Combat Evolved [Halo 4] v1.0 Alpha
Halo: Combat Evolved:
Requirements: 3.1+

On modifying engine Dark Places for All Android QI4A [3D] Spanish enthusiast Jomart2000 ported the legendary first person shooter – Halo: the Combat Evolved and Halo 4
work on porting does not stand still: is carried out over a year and each time leaves a full version port.
The latest version of Halo 4 is present in almost complete singleplayer campaign and is available a deathmatch. The DM adjusted number of bots, the time limit and the number of frags, complexity. Also present and online multiplayer, it is true to connect to the server until you have tried. Description: of Halo 4 – a video game in the genre of FPS Master Chief wakes up after a long hibernation at the most, of course, a good time: a fragile peace between the covenants and broken people; universe stops on the verge of disaster. For a large-scale problem of mixed and even personal – artificial intelligence Cortana, eternal companion Chifa (up to poluintimnyh moments, yes), is about to fail. With a promise to help the girl with the weight of responsibility on his shoulders, we begin a long journey.

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All Android 3.1+ 500 RAM free (ALL GPU) I was able to fully run on port SGT 3.7.0 with not the most powerful hardware: SPU – 2x1200MGts; RAM – 1GB (600MB at the time of launch were free) and rare GPU – Vivante GC1000; on-board firmware optimization 4.1.2JB – game on QI4A modifying flies, but there is one nuance: on the Quake I touch 3.0.1 has been tangible freezes, so that is not too steep devices recommend that you use to run QI4A

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