Draw this Do that v1.7

Draw this Do that v1.7
Draw this Do that
Quickly perform all manner of activities on your phone just by drawing a symbol!
Requirements: 4.2 and up
Draw Rider

Draw this Do that

Quickly perform all manner of activities on your phone just by drawing a symbol!

Draw this Do that will enable you to be much more productive by allowing you to draw a simple symbol either on your phone or directly on your smart watch that will then launch any number of useful tasks and utilities.


If, like me, you have found your watch being nothing more than a pretty notification centre, then you will be glad to know that things have now changed!

Using one of the stylish “Draw this Do that” watch faces, all it takes is one click and then you can draw directly on your watch and launch actions without ever getting your phone out of your pocket.

Download  CM Launcher 3D - Stylish Boost v3.3.0

===Current Features===

10 stylish watch faces available if you own an android wear smart watch (a watch isn’t required but you will automatically get all of these if you do have one).

The ability to put a ‘Facebook messenger’ style icon over your screen to be even more productive!

One touch and one swipe to launch all the below actions.

==Current Actions==

Affect what is playing…

*Volume up
*Volume down
*Skip Next
*Skip Previous
*Full Volume
*Mute / Unmute


*A contact


*An app
*A website


*A picture
*A selfie


*Auto rotate
*Vibrate mode
*Silent mode

Tell me…

*How to get to…(navigation)
*The time
*The weather
*My agenda
*Travel time to…
*This text
*What song this is
*When the next train is leaving to…


*Set alarm
*Set timer


*My phone

*My phone

Download  Disk & Storage Analyzer [PRO] v3.0.5.3 [Patched]

More features are being added all the time!


*NEW. ‘Play Sound’ option in the ‘Affect Media > Play’ action
*NEW. App launcher on smart watch
*NEW. Stop any playing media using the ‘Stop’ option in the ‘Affect my media’ action
*NEW. ‘Change drawing’ option when you long press on a gesture in the listing. Now you can keep the action you have set up and just tweak the drawing that launches it
*FIX. Incorrect text being shown on screen when using the ‘What Song Is Playing?’ action
*Renamed ‘Affect what’s playing’ to ‘Affect my media’.

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More Info:

Code: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.seekpi.drawthisdothat

Download Instructions:


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