CR WIFI paid v3.15.0 apk

CR WIFI paid v3.15.0 apk
With this app you can recover the password of more than 30 models of the most used thanks to their dictionaries routers. Even ONO routers.
Requirements: 4.1 and up

Here is the list of dictionaries containing Routers CR WIFI:

Routers Thomson, BBox, YacomXXXXXX, Blink, Pirelli Discus, CONN-X, OTEnet, BigPond, TN_private, Orange, TP-LINK, Huawei (Those that the SSID is InfinitumXXXX), SpeedTouch, Jazztel_XXXX, Ono (P1XXXXXX0000X), Belkin, TECOM -AH4XXXX, Alice AGPF, EasyBox, Vodafone, Maxcom, Intercable, Cabovisao Sagem, Alcatel, Megared, InfostradaWifi, Axtel, Infinitum, DLink (not all models), WLAN_XXXX, WlanXXXXXX, Routers Sky V1, Eircom, PTV, WLAN_XX (not all), DMax, Cyta, TeleTu-Tele2, Axtel-xtremo, Verizon FiOS (not all models)
FASTWEB Pirelli and Telsey, SiteCom, O2Wireless, WifiXXXXXX, Speedport, Arcor, PBS and OTE.

WIFI CR does not contain advertising. It is an easy and intuitive application, you have the option to scan networks and after analyzing their environment, will warn of vulnerable networks. If this application is able to decrypt your key wifi, you know you have to put a much more robust key and remove bring your router by default.

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Contains thousands of passwords wifi bringing routers factory, if the wifi password has not been changed by the owner of the router, this application can find the password wifi, with fine to change and create a secure password, so that even with Wifislax can decipher.

The wireless security is very important, so we created this app with thousands of wifi passwords in your database.

Another feature that has CR Wifi is that you can download an external dictionary that works with models based routers Thomson, such as Orange, Infinitum, O2Wireless, SpeedTouch, DMax, BBox, Blink, OTEnet, TN, Cyta or own Thomson.

With these wireless routers if the password has been changed and is WEP or WPA, we also know it. If CR Wifi is able to guess the password, for security we have to change the type of security to WPA2 wifi and give a new strong password.

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Today there are many people who are dedicated to hack into wireless networks, figuring out passwords wifi or steal wifi with applications similar to this, with CR Wifi want you to check the security of your own network and your family and friends to have the most secure network neighborhood and that no neighbor can steal the wifi.

In summary,

Wifi CR is able to decipher the default passwords wifi WEP and WPA virtually all routers in the market even see password Thomson based routers using brute force, as long as the password is WEP or WPA.

This app has no advertisements

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