XiiaLive Pro – Internet Radio v3.3.1.4

XiiaLive Pro – Internet Radio v3.3.1.4
This is the PRO version of XiiaLive™, one of the top apps in the market, offering the most stable and uninterrupted Internet radio experience!
Requirements: 4.0+
 XiiaLive Pro - Internet Radio

It lets you stream music and explore more than 50,000 live radio stations from all over the world.
By upgrading to XiiaLive PRO, besides from supporting our hard work, you also get some awesome added features and no banner ads!

• All the features already included in our XiiaLive free version –variety of stations and directories, favorites, history, alarm, sleep timer, and sharing capabilities.
• No ads! You can stream without any adds appearing on your screen.
• Our REWIND option increases from 5 minutes on the free version to up to 60 minutes for the PRO version.
• We added more options for the NOTIFICATION SOUNDS. Now you can chose the sound you prefer.
• Advanced station filtering options.
• The ability to add homescreen SHORTCUTS to your favorite radio stations.
• Bluetooth advance controls with auto play/stop playback. Pick a device to automatically start playback upon pairing and also to stop playback upon disconnecting.
• Allows you to RESTORE a previous backup containing all your favorite songs and stations.
• Advanced streaming settings enabled –buffering length, unlimited retries, connect and read timeouts, among others.
• Extensive set of options that allow you to customize how Xiialive behaves on your device.

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XiiaLive uses Open Source project FFmpeg.org.
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– Fixed error “Unsupported Media: -31”
– Http 4xx errors are now properly reported
– Modified backup/restore behavior
– Lock screen notifications now public
– Legacy player skin button hotspots smaller
– Next/Prev favorite stations now follow current order by settings.
– Various notification fixes
– Local radio stations now shown outside the US
– Fixed alarms list showing wrong station name
More update notes

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Code: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.android.DroidLivePlayer

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