Web Browser Supreme PRO v2.0

Web Browser Supreme PRO v2.0
Supreme is the best Web Browser for Android.
Requirements: 4.0+
Web Browser Supreme

Youtube Background, Flash, AutoRefresh, Incógnito Mode, Multiscreen, Fast Downloads.
Amazing Internet browsing in your mobile or tablet.
It is safe, fast, powerful, advanced, lightweight, smart, simple and intuitive.
✧ Supreme Pro:

Features added:

✦ AdBlock:
Don’t more advertisement.

✦ Data saver, bandwidth saver:
Save data with the Supreme Data saver.
Save money.
It is an unique service that you will not find in other browsers.
More Info:
Settings >> General Settings >> Data saver >> More Info

✦ Load images:
It allows you to charge or not pictures from a web page on Internet.
It is an unique service that you will not find in other browsers.
More Info:
Settings >> General Settings >> Data saver >> More Info

✦ Supreme Protection:
Surf in a safe way and protect your more important personal data.
Es una prestación única que no encontrarás en otros navegadores.
It is an unique service that you will not find in other browsers.
More Info:
Settings >> General Settings >> PRO Protection >> More Info

✧ Main Features:

✦ Playing videos and music in background:
You can use other apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram while Supreme
play your music.
You can be in sites like Wikipedia, Amazon while Supreme work in your smartphone in background.
You can record with microphone and simultaneously listen music.
Listen music with the screen off to save battery power.
Don’t support in Youtube.

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✦ Auto-refresh tabs in background:
AutoRefresh of windows from time to time.
It is perfect for pages that log out if we stay without activity.

✦ Incognito mode, private surfing without cookies storage:
It allows you to go unnoticed in the page you are surfing.
This mode allows Supreme not to save information about the page, such as cookies and web caché, nor save the browsing to that page in the history.

✦ Save Password:
You decide if you want Supreme to save or not your passwords.

✦ History:
You decide if Supreme save or not your History.

✦ Favorites or Bookmarks:
Save your pages and bookmarks in a very simple and accesible way for the moment you want to come back to access to them in a fast way.

✦ Home Page or Homepage:
Supreme allows you to set the Homepage when you open the browser or the page of a new window.

✦ Address bar and novel searches:
Press on the actions bar pen and search or write directly the url you want to access.

✦ Fast Downloads:
Supreme allows you to download to your device any file on the network.
Supreme allows you to download to your device every kind of files from the network.

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✦ Sharing URLs and Web pages with your friends:
Super easy and intuitive ways to share mobile contents through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Email, SMS and others.
Share in a easy and intuitive way contents via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, SMS and so.

✦ Multiscreen:
Browsing between windows by simply gliding your finger.
It is an unique service that you will not find in other browsers as Chrome, Firefox…

✦ Flash Support:
Flash Player supported in its last versions in order to improve your experience on the web.

✦ Configurable User’s Interface :
You can chose either the colour of your app or the arrangement of components of the user’s interface.
Full integration with Android 5.0 Lollipop and Android 6.0 Marshmallow with Material Design.

✦ Quick search: Google, Yahoo and Bing as search engines.
✦ Uses the Native JavaScript and WebKit Engine so file size is smaller
✦ Tabbed Internet Browsing
✦ Support HTML5
✦ Advanced Settings
✦ User Agent Settings

✦ Next updates:
– Saves battery
– Full-Screen Mode
– Android TV
– Smartwatch
– Personalized Search

This app has no advertisements

More Info:

Code: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=es.soguezvm.multi_navegador_pro

Download Instructions:


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