The Blue Guide by Carrie Williams

The Blue Guide by Carrie Williams
Cocktails, room service, spa treatments: Alicia Shaw is a girl who just can’t say no to the little perks of being a private tour guide in London. Whether it is the Hollywood producer with whom she romps in the private screening room of one of London’s most luxurious hotels, or the Australian pilot whose exhibitionist fantasies reach a new height on the London Eye, Alicia finds that flirtation—and more—is part of the territory. But when internationally renowned flamenco dancer and heartthrob Paco Manchega and his lovely young wife Carlotta take her on as their guide, Alicia begins to wonder if she has bitten off more than she can chew. As the couple unleashes curious appetites in Alicia, taking her to places more darkly beautiful than she has ever known, she begins to suspect she is being used as the pawn in some strange marital game.
Genre: Romance
Requirements: ePUB reader, 258 KB
The Blue Guide

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