Solar Observer v1.0.1 (paid)

Solar Observer v1.0.1 (paid)
The app contains all the information that an amateur astronomer needs to know in order to observe and photograph the sun and its phenomena!
Requirements: 4.4 +
 Solar Observer (paid)

The observation of the sun truly fascinates anew every day, because the view of the sun itself varies on a daily basis: sunspots appear, grow and change. Protuberances (huge gas outbursts) and flares can change their appearance within a few minutes …

The app provides information on the currently visible spots and events on the sun: In addition to the presentation of the current sunspots, it also provides daily images taken from the SDO, SOHO, HINODE and STEREO satellites, including more than 20 different wavelengths.

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In addition, the app provides detailed information on the observation and photography of the sun relevant for amateur astronomers in the three wavelengths of observation, including white light, H-alpha light (at 656nm) and calcium light (293-396nm).

Exciting themes of observation and photography of solar eclipses and transits of Mercury and Venus are also discussed in the app.

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