Simple Moon Phase Widget Plus v1.3.1

Simple Moon Phase Widget Plus v1.3.1
It is a simple widget that displays the moon phase and age of the moon. (Paid Version of “Simple Moon Phase Widget”)
Requirements: Requires Android 2.3 and up
 Simple Moon Phase Widget Plus

It is a simple widget that displays the moon phase and age of the moon.
(paid version of “Simple Moon Phase Widget”)

– Full moon and new moon, first quarter, last quarter will be announced in the widget.
– The calendar opens the widget when touching. (The number under each date is the age of the moon of 12:00 a.m. on the day.)
– When you tap a date on the calendar, large moon image is displayed in a pop-up.
– Notify full moon and new moon, first quarter, last quarter in the status bar. (Notify in a timing of the update of the widget.)
– The color of the moon are changed by the favorite color.

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The difference from the free version?
– No advertisement.
– The function to change the color of the moon.

《 How to resize widget (Android 4.0 over) 》
Please set to [ Show(Center) ] or [ Hide ] in settings of [ Display age of the moon ].
Long press of widget ⇒ Release ⇒ To change the size by dragging the dot when four dot and frame of light blue appears.

* Please do not install to SD card, even if available in Android settings.

* About storage access permissions
This permissions is needed in order to save the backup to the storage.
The app accesses only “SimpleMoonPhaseWidgetPlus” folder when you backup.
The app don’t access other than this folder.

* This app does not change the wallpaper. Please prepare wallpaper by yourself.
Wallpaper using for screenshot is here.↓
Photo by “Starry sky” via ruanyuanyuan123456789[email protected]/4988841274/

* This app is not provided the image to completely reproduce the libration of the moon.
The position of the pattern of the moon phase, such as craters, shifts from a fact a little periodically.

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What is Libration:
‘In astronomy, libration is an oscillating motion of orbiting bodies relative to each other, notably including the motion of the Moon relative to Earth, or of Trojan asteroids relative to planets.’

Libration (May 13, 2013, 19:45 UTC). In Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved from

What’s New
– Changes in Material Design
– Add in some European languages (German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese)

This app has no advertisements

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