Signal Spy v1.5.5

Signal Spy v1.5.5
Signal Spy* allows users to be better informed when it comes to their cellular service.
Requirements: 5.1 and up
 Signal Spy

t allows you to see signal strength and technology in real time. We can also tell you what LTE band you’re using on Sprint and T-Mobile so you can understand what speeds and features to expect. Signal Spy also keeps a history of all of your connections: when you connect and disconnect from WiFi, and what carrier you’re using! Pro Users can now see a history of Wi-Fi and Cellular connectivity along with signal strength and location!

For Project Fi customers, users will also be able to better manage their experience by easily swapping between carriers with our dialer code shortcuts. Our network switching logging will be extremely useful to show you how often you switch between Sprint and T-Mobile networks. We also have a resources page within the app dedicated to resources that Fi users have found helpful with their service. Note though that are app will not automatically switch for you, and that all switch requests will revert after 2 hours. This is a ramification of using the dialer codes and cannot be controlled by Signal Spy.

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What’s New
v1.5.5 – Released 3/10/16
– Added Pro Version
– Added first Pro Feature – Detailed History
– Improvements on network monitoring
– GPS for detailed history
– Misc Bug Fixes
v1.1.12 – 1/22/16
– Added LTE Bands
v1.1.12 – 1/22/16
– Added LTE Bands
v1.1.11 – 1/12/16
– Fix hide notification on lock screen for only swipe
– Fix Airplane Mode spamming history
– Added LTE Bands

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