Reprova MicroCoil Calc v9.0

Reprova MicroCoil Calc v9.0
Allows quickly and with enhanced accurately calculate coil parameters for the rebuildable vape atomizers.
Requirements: 2.3+
Reprova MicroCoil

• Support Nano Dragon Coil, Micro Coil, Classical Coil and Twisted wire.
• Nickel 200 (Ni), Titanium (Ti), SS AISI 304, Nichrome (Cr20Ni80 and Cr15Ni60), Kanthal (D and A1) alloy.
• Standart AWG and mm diameters.
• Toolbox support for one, two, three and four coils, each of which may consist of one or more (up to six) wires.
• Adjust voltage in increments 0.5 V and the Recommended optimal range for easy selection of the optimal voltage for varivolts.
• Coil overall characteristics: Diameter, Number of turns and Lengths of the legs connecting coil with contacts for to increase the accuracy of calculations.
• The algorithm is based by the surface power of the coil, which actually reflects the most current processes affecting evaporation.
• Output result for detailed coil characteristics: Power (actual and recommended), Resistance, Wire length, Current, Surface Power and Coil length.
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