it depends v1.01

it depends v1.01
it depends” is a story about choices and discoveries.
Requirements: 2.3
it depends

When an ordinary night becomes not so ordinary, the four friends who have been living together in an orphanage all their lives – Tyler, Ken, Maisie, and Sophia – have to react. Their lives, the world, and everything else is about to change, and it all depends on what they choose to do.

Download  Haypi Monster v1.6.2 (Mod Damage)

Every little decision matters, but you will never know what it leads to, and there is no going back to change it; what’s done is done.

* Story Rich Role Play
* Choices Matter
* Original Art Style and Soundtrack
* Mystery, Puzzle, Adventure
* Multiple Endings
* Indie

Bugs fixed.

This app has no advertisements

Download  The LEGO ® Movie Video Game v1.03.1.971~4.971 + Mega Mod

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