bitTicker Fitbit Notifications v1.2.1

bitTicker Fitbit Notifications v1.2.1
Requirements: 4.4 and up
Overview: bitTicker sends your phone’s notifications to your Fitbit™. Whatsapp, SMS, Email, Calendar Alerts, Tasker, Automate, & thousands more. Anything that sends notifications can now alert you on your Fitbit!


HOW IT WORKS: bitTicker works via the Fitbit call notification system, so please make sure your Fitbit has this feature. Install the Fitbit app and check that call notifications work on your device before purchasing. The app does not connect directly to your Fitbit, it connects through the Fitbit app. This app does not require any ‘hacks’, and does NOT require root access.

DISCLAIMER: bitTicker is a companion app for the Fitbit Android app, and will only remain operational as long as the Fitbit app maintains its current call notification service. If the Fitbit app disables or locks this feature, we are not responsible. If any third party changes mean bitTicker can no longer relay notifications, we will remove it from sale; however we will not issue refunds to users in the event of third party changes.

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LANGUAGE SUPPORT: The Fitbit does NOT support the UTF-8 character set, so only basic Latin characters will be shown. There is an option to enter alternative app names that can be shown instead of the notification content.

IF YOUR PHONE IS NOT SUPPORTED BY FITBIT: We understand that sometimes you may impulse purchase an app without checking the pre-requisites. Fitbit call notification support is required for our app to work, and you must check this yourself. If you contact us promptly and inform us that your phone is not supported we will process a refund. We politely ask that you do not rate our app if your phone is not supported. Please contact Fitbit inc and ask them to work on supporting your device.

WE ARE NOT ASSOCIATED WITH FITBIT INC: There are currently some issues with call notifications, delays, and device syncing; these are not related to our app. Please forward any complaints to Fitbit inc, and rate the Fitbit app accordingly. Please do not contact us about these issues, as we are not associated with Fitbit inc. We politely ask you do not to rate our app based upon issues with your wearable, or the Fitbit app.

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• Setup steps are now available in the app, as many people didn’t seem to visit the website, and the video needed editing too often.
• The notification relay banner content is hidden again, and simply shows the logo and ‘bitTicker Notifications’. I was not keen on having the notification content visible in the relay banner.
• You can now show a custom text snippet when a notification arrives form an app. This will allow users to enter self translated app names, etc.

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