AnyCopy-Copy & Paste Clipboard v3.0.0

AnyCopy-Copy & Paste Clipboard v3.0.0
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: Now any text could be converted into image.


This version of AnyCopy, which is named as AnyCopy Basic, will NOT sync any data to cloud server because it does not require any network related permission, which means your privacy is absolutely guaranteed. And you have options to backup your data, which means that the app have permission to read and write your SD card storage. If you still have concerns with SD card read and write permissions, please download another version of AnyCopy, which is named as AnyCopy Minimum, which requires neither of network related permission nor SD card storage permission. If you trust, I encourage you to download AnyCopy Plus, which will sync your data to could server automatically and never ever lost your data again.

AnyCopy is a powerful clipboard manager that automatically saves everything you copy. No matter which social media app you are using or even surfing on the Internet, whenever you run into some information that matters to you, all you have to do is to copy it to system Clipboard and it will be automatically saved to AnyCopy for free. You could even clipper the web page by selecting all the text and copy it to Clipboard. You will never ever miss anything that matters to you.

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1, Automatically save any notes that you have copied to Clipboard. You could even copy a whole long article to save it for later.

2, It does not require network permission and fully support notes creating, viewing & editing in offline mode. You could access your note anywhere at any time.

3, Support key words search in all your notes. You could get the result instantly.

4, Quick start app through status bar. You could copy your frequently used note such as email and password tin a single tap for further usage.

5, Generate date templates automatically. You could get any desire date format based on the current time stamp.

6, Three secure layers to protect your data.
★ You could set a 4-digit app passcode to prevent others accessing your app.
★ You could lock a special folder with an extra key to store sensitive notes such as password.
★ All your notes is encrypted in local cache. You do not have to worry losing your data even your device is lost.

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What’s New
1, Optimized the three main tabs:
• Remove tab CLIPBOARD.
• List all notes under tab NOTE.
• List all folders under tab FOLDER.
• Keep tab FAVORITE.
2, Add undo action on saving copied notes.
3, Add Recycle Bin for note.
4, Add independent locker for any notes.
5, Enable continuous note deletion when browsing notes.
6, Add merging several notes into one note as Premium feature.
7, Add Backup & Restore to Google Drive without requiring any Network Permission as Premium feature.

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