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Today i am back with some great tricks which you can use to access free internet and no matters what your service provider is or how strong the firewall of your service provider it because if one trick fails you can try another.

Lets Get started ……

1#, By using HTTPS 

This is an old trick but still working on many networks so use HTTPS rather then HTTP which will bypass your isp firewall which is pointing toward the service provider home page or website.

2# Using @ sign
This trick also works on most of the networks like when you open any website it point you toward their own network website so apply @ symbol after your network site or the website which opens on 0balance at your mobile like,
https://[email protected]
What actually this will do is redirect you to the because of the @ symbol which is command the web browser to redirect on the given url after @.

3# Using Proxy on mobile 

One of the best way to bypass the firewall of your network and use internet for free is using internet via proxy so simply follow the steps and check if its working on your network too or not.

You will need a working proxy server so goto and get a working proxy on green signal only on port 80 or 8080

I have Android Mobile phone so i will goto my settings > more > mobile Network >Access point names

Now this will show you your access points then chose your access point and do some editing as i am going to explain.

Now scroll down and you will see an option of proxy click on it and add the proxy which you got  from now click ok and below you have to setup port so write the port of your proxy as i mentioned only use a proxy of port 80 or 8080 after click ok and go back and check your APN access point name and it should go green or blue or what ever your theme is.

Now browse website from Android default web browser and i hope in many places this trick works like in india, Pakistan , Nigeria , Somalia , Ethiopia  and most of Asian countries.

#4 Using OperaMini 

Using opera mini for free internet is a working method in Pakistan and many other countries because opera mini has its own private and proxy servers which are connected by default to opera mini web browser to use internet on high speed and thats the main reason why internet uns faster on those browsers.

Using old versions of OperaMini > this is because many of networks providers are smart and they have blocked the proxy servers of your opea mini so use old versions because it contains different proxy servers.

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Using New versions > The reason for using is if old versions wont work try out new versions because in future as opera mini browser gets updated then there are chances that its proxies will also get updated which would be unblocked.

5# Using DroidVPN 

DroidVPN trick also works in many countries accept some of the countries and it is for Android Mobile Phones so download it from PlayStore and the best thing is if it get connected in your area this can run android apps too like skype etc so follow my below instructions after the download .

Requirements :-

  • One website which must open on 0 balance like your network provider website or website like or any website opening on 0 balance.
  • Open DroidVPN
  • Create an account if you already don’t have it otherwise login
  • Goto Setting
  • Then select use protocol TCP And save
  • Goto Http hedders and write this

Now Save it as it is and go back and connect it and also many times it wont connect so keep connecting like MAX 10 times and i am sure it will got connected and a working trick for airtel , tata docomo , Ufone users.

What if it wont connect ?

If you fail to connect even by taping 10 times then follow some more steps

goto settings of DroidVPN again and in proxy write any working proxy of port 80 or 8080 as you can get it from

Now try to connect and again if you get failed then goto settings of DroidVPN > Port Setting and write down the below ports

  • Port Settings:
  •  – Set UDP Port: 9200
  •  – Set TCP Port: 67
  •  – Bind to Local Port: 68

And Again if it wont connect then the only thing which is not allowing DroidVPN to connect is ports so try to find out open ports of your service provider.

#6 Using FeatVPN

Feat VPN also works great so follow the below instructions.

  1.  download FeatVPN from Android Play Store
  2. Download open VPN config Files , google it ( OPEN VPN Config Files ) ( OVPN file for FeatVPN)
  3. Run a Test of FeatVPn
  4. Goto Tunnels and select your Ovpn config file
  5. GO back and click connect and this will work hopefully in many countries for free internet .

#7 Using fake domain 

Fake Domain ! Yes Fake Domain as many of firewalls now a days only filter the website by domain not with ip server so dosent matter what the ip server is but domain should be the address of the website which opens on 0 balance like opens for free on my network and i can use a domain of a proxy website using subdomain of and firewall will think that it is and will allow us to bypass it and after viewing the web there will be an HTTP proxy so get your hands on it and browser internet for free on 0 balance.

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#8 Using same Server 

Now All of network providers are not drunked ! they are now using ip address filters to open free websites on their network at 0 balance
like the ip of is ” ” now firewall will only see if the ip address matches with its filter and if ip address of the website is same as specified in filter then it will open that website on 0 balance and dose not matter what the URL of website is but the Ip address .

So whats the point ?

The Point is check those websites which your network provider opens on 0 balance like my network provider opens website or and other sites as well and try to find out the other website which is hosted on the same server so open cmd type command ” ping ” and it will give you its ip address now goto and write ” ip:192.828.178.55 ” now click on search and it will give you all the websites hosted on the same server and i guarantee you that all those websites will open on your mobile at 0 balance .

#9 Using Facebook subdomains 

As we know that opens free on many networks without any cost at 0 balance so we will use its sub domains hosted on the same server of and they will open facebook for free even with pictures and the full version .



And this will work almost everywhere and not yet fixed by facebook so enjoy it.
10# Using Android Own VPN
So its also a child tutorial of Droid and Feat VPN but necessary
  1. Download ovpn file
  2. Goto settings
  3. Goto More
  4. Goto VPN
  5. And Fill Up the VPN details or just load ovpn file
I hope you have learned much about bypassing the firewall for browsing free internet on your mobile phones
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Article by Abdul
Enjoy the free Internet Worldwide using those nasty tricks to browse on 0 balance
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