Introduction :

Quote:What is currently not “working perfectly” :
– Donation Tab: Can only donate Archers / Barbarians / Giants / Wall Breakers / Healers / Wizards / Goblins ( we didn’t make the rest yet…)
– Town Hall detection (with this update we didn’t have time to make TH with Snow images, the closed DLL however can detect some snowy images)
– Training of troops, due to the new ‘stacking of troops’ the queue can build up in the barracks (archers, barbarians, then archers gain, as 3 separate troops).
– Upgrade Wall (we didn’t have time to make the new images)
– Some new Commands to New Android Client – Like Droid4X and BS 0.x
– Upgrade Lab and Buildings with new buttons
– We cannot detect all new ‘Personal Break’ messages on the screen yet. This will result in some restarts of the BlueStacks window. The bot will recover and continue.

We appreciate your patience and your support in any way you could and can!

Essential software :
READ this before installing the new bot :

  • Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • BlueStacks 0.8.x – 0.10.x OR Bluestacks 2 OR Droid4x 0.8.6
  • The latest drivers for your graphics device
  • MyBot v5.0
Download  MEGA v3.0.12.1

Change Log 5.0 :


  • GUI Multi Language
  • BlueStacks v2 and Droid4x Support
  • TH / DE Side Attack for Live Bases
  • TH Snipes While Train (But maybe this wont be useful to you anymore..)
  • Can make troops only to Donate , the bot will maintain that quantity select on GUI in army composition.
  • Heroes Upgrade continuously


  • New System to personalize your TH Snipes attack : \THsnipe\ csv files
  • New Walls Detection code- just need the new images
  • New TH detection – just need the new images with snow – new system to add more images – user friendly
  • New Inactive Base detection – new system to add more images – user friendly
  • Train system with scroll left for queued troops
Download  3D Cartoon Volcano Live WP v1

New stuff under development that could potentially be in next version:

  • Donation Spells
  • Overall Damage in attack
  • All remaining fix
  • (No promises, as always: it is ready when it is ready and not before!)


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