Lynes CM12.1/CM13 Theme v2.4

Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Lynes is a cyanogenmod 12.1/13 theme which gives the user interface a radical and edgy makeover.


The android system is extensively themed to look like nothing you have ever seen before. System icons follow a slim profile consisting of straight and curved lines. Bespoke app icons and dynamic boot animation will transform your OS experience. Even the minute details have been retouched to give a crispy feel to the UX.
What is themed

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30+ apps
Boot animation

– Improved support for CyanogenMod 13 and Dirty Unicorns (almost complete)
Settings background back to original color
Added missing settings icons
Fixed wifi signals in wifi settings
Fixed color of memory icon
– New browser icon
– Status Bar bug fixes
Added edit tile
– New app drawer icon in trebuchet
– Added missing app icons in cm12.1s

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Lynes CM12.1/CM13 Theme v2.4  –  16.0 MB

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