How to turn android device into web server

KSWEB: server + PHP + MySQL app is a suite of web developer for Android platform. It consists of: a web server, a PHP programming language, a database MySQL and msmtp for sendmail support. This suite allows you to organize a platform for running and debugging Web applications (sites) in your Android device and You don’t need a root access to run KSWEB. Otherwise, you can start your web server on 80 port. A user friendly interface of KSWeb anKSWEB SERVERd our online support leads you to realization of all your web projects. This software is shareware. KSWEB includes:

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  • Web Inerface address: http://localhost:9000/
  • Default login information: 

login: admin
password: admin
MySQL host: localhost (or
MySQL port: 3306
MySQL login “root” with empty password

Operating KSWEB: server is very simple. In order to start the server you only need to run our application, select, if necessary, port and the root directory. By default, KSWEB contains a fully functional configuration file of the server, PHP and MySQL. However, if you want to change them, go to the server options and click on the item “INI Files”. Configuration files will be moved to SD-card of your device at “…/sdcard/ksweb/ini/”.

What’s New In KSWEB: server + PHP + MySQL 3.11:

  1. Added possibility to control KSWEB by Android Broadcast messages.
  2. PHP 5.4.24 => 5.5.14
  3. lighttpd 1.4.34 => 1.4.35
  4. nginx 1.5.10 => 1.7.3
  5. MySQL 5.1.62 => 5.6.19
  6. msmtp 1.4.31 => 1.4.32
  7. fixed some bugs
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Minimal requirements: Android device with OS version 2.3.3 or higher and ARM-based processor.

You can install KSWEB from Google Play:

Or you can download installation package directly from our site:
download KSWEB v3.41

Old versions:

download KSWEB v3.33
download KSWEB v3.10

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