How To Root Nokia Asha 5xx & Uninstall Pre-Installed Apps

Root Nokia Asha

New Nokia Asha series phones( 501, 500, 502, 503, 230) have a major issue of low internal memory and this memory keeps on decreasing time to time.The users are forced to reset the phone after the memory reaches the limit. So the users must reset the phone once in every 2-3 months, for works smoothly .
Now with this new trick, you can uninstall/remove all those apps that came with the software update. These include Nimbuzz, Line, Wechat, Nokia Chat, Pocket apps, Cricbuzz etc. By removing, you can save upto 10-15MB of internal storage in your device. It will be a good idea to remove all apps  as you can install a ‘removable’ version later from Store. It is highly recommend you to take a backup of your settings as you will need to reset the phone in the last step.
Here we go:

1. Download and install System Digger0 v1.0 on your phone.

2. Run the app, Press the Root button.
3. Select and delete the files which you want to remove from your phone’s internal storage (Be careful, don’t accidentally remove files like OviBrowser, NokiaInAppPaymentEnabler etc.)

4. Goto the homescreen of your phone, the icon of the all apps which you have removed will be little diminished.

5. Now you can permanently remove all those icons(diminished) by reset your phone.
6. For that open dial pad and dial *#7370# and press OK.

*before reset your phone don’t forget to take a backup(settings>Backup>Create Backup)

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