Granny hits it big on Internet after voicing displeasure with Siri

 Granny hits it big on Internet after voicing displeasure with Siri

Technically incorrect: an Italian grandmother in Australia I intend to talk to Siri and voice command system “a bloody sh **” call ends. Of course, he has now hit the web.

Technically, I have taken over our lives a little bit twisted take on tech offers.

Siri.jpg can not marry
Nonna Paola and her iPhone. A difficult relationship.

Artificial intelligence, currently a little too artificial and not so intelligent.
When you speak with an accent to recognize your voice claim that many machines are problematic. I just spoke with Sri asked what kind of accent and said: “.. hmm let me think” I said I had no idea what he was skeptical.

My heart, therefore, courses Sri her to spend time trying to get to Italy, Nonna in Paola, now living in Australia at the Italian grandmother of Chianti.

78-year-old son, 44-year-old Greg as Lachimia, motivated and filmed, was a new iPhone. Requirements were not great in Paola. Sri comprehension left a lot to be desired.

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Lachimia a video posted to his Facebook page, and immediately his fame began to grow like mushrooms in the rain. Paola so much so that I have already amassed more than 33,000 likes where his own Facebook page, so that.

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Paola in those who go on the page as they may feel that it is only the “comedian.”

And thus its interaction with Siri is the cause of more than one snort. As the Daily Mail reports, Paola Calabria moved to Australia 58 years ago. That, though, has not lost his accent Calabrese. Sri Paola a series of words that make no sense believes that talking.

Even simple phrases such as: “What is time for Italy, please.” Sri certainly before any search that has been caught in the web pages leave. On another attempt, he wonders whether Paola is looking for a deli.

At one point, Paola Sri asks: “Do you have time to Italy?”

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Sri it begins to answer: “It says on the box.” Paola hears it as “sex on the box.” “What a bloody sh **”: Siri to the iPhone, which is by 78-year-old

The full video on their Facebook page, as well as her son, a human to talk offers a grand exhibition of an eager-to-please Martian. This is from Sri section where Mars, education is incomplete.

As the son of Sri its fiendish Paola in to stop, “the drama, crisis d *** head.”

Video on the Facebook page of Lachimia enjoyed nearly 4 million views. Some, though, it can get a bonus.

Samsung when it is in use voice recognition software can record conversations backgrounds living room has admitted that in a week, some of these interactions can not be perfectly understandable that now hopefully see are.

All you have to do is learn to pronounce a Calabrese and you will be fine.

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