Black hole storm in a Teacup (Galaxy)

 Black hole storm in a Teacup (Galaxy)

In an otherwise not very interesting to astronomers galaxy black hole at its center are seen fighting a raging storm.

Yellow, red / blue shows gas jets are driving gas shows bright yellow in the center, “bubble” shows the radio emission.
C. Harrison, A. Thompson, Bill Saxton, NRAO / AUI / NSF; NASA
Black holes often a very destructive force in the universe is supposed to be – but it is a lot more to them than meets the eye. Most galaxies, it seems, can not exist without them. And they also play a role in the formation of stars and galaxies can be.

Very destructive by the National Science Foundation in New Mexico deals using huge array by a team of researchers discovered a new. The team discovered that the violent storm activity teacup Galaxy (+ 1339 J1430) space in an otherwise “boring” 1.1 billion light-years from Earth in the area is called peering – how black holes can be demonstrated devastating.

“It can no longer devoid of stars form in gas as an active star-forming galaxy in this transformation, as a result of a supermassive black hole, explosively heating and gas around the galaxy blasting and it appears, “the study said Extragalactic Astronomy at the University of Durham in the UK lead author Chris Harrison from the center.

We have observed that in the universe galaxy are the two most common types of spiral and elliptical. Spiral galaxies – our own Milky Way, Andromeda is the nearest way – we have seen that 60% of galaxies, star formation activity and the gas is rich and alive. Ellipticals, the other – making up 10-15% of all galaxies – new development with a minimum of aging, very low gas and star formation is very low.

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After all, the stars had to come from somewhere – – these elliptical galaxies, researchers theorise, active star-forming galaxies began his life as a point yet, almost slowed to a halt star formation. This, recent research shows, their hearts may be due to the black hole.

Cup of tea and maybe black hole galaxy is any indication, are attacked. It consumes as its main active material of a supermassive black hole has been identified as one of the first appearance of the elliptical galaxy, while the observation process to convert it into an elliptical galaxy that point, the gas is around the galaxy.

“For several years, we have seen through radio telescope in the extremely bright galaxies seen direct evidence of this happening. This, rare, radio-bright galaxies in the gas surrounding the black hole that started in powerful jets plow , port, “Harrison said. “However, this same process we are better represent the majority of galaxies are found in less extreme need to know how galaxies formed in the universe all of us to understand.
2,000 light years long – – gas drive in the captured image by VLA, radio emission of two large “bubbles” in small jets, covers approximately 30,000 to 40,000 light years on either side of the extended as can be seen, the second (200,000 mph) per 1,000 kmph speed it up.

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“This radio host galaxy observations central black hole mass in the gas are accelerated and that is colliding with powerful jets of gas from the beginning, it is whipping up a storm in the center of the galaxy that is revealed. This is a process we already powerful. Low, highly luminous galaxies seen in the VLA radio incredible abilities until you look these processes as, more generally, in radio galaxies are faint that could have allowed to discover difficult enough, “study co-author and co-Durham astronomer said Alasdair Thompson.

After this discovery, the team still exhibit similar characteristics is observed eight such accessories.

‘Teacup’ into ‘this’ storm’ is based on a jet to remove a black hole before we knew much more common than star-forming material may be destroyed, and the puzzle can be an important piece we see around us means understanding how galaxies were formed, “Harrison said

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