Apple Released Auto Update To Fix Security Issue

 Apple Released Auto Update To Fix Security Issue

NTP was located in a security flaw in the context of recent reports, Apple Mac OS computers for their first automatic security update is released. This is too little too late? After all, the researchers about new bugs are warned each time is another matter. And last, Apple updated their software systems through regular security patch is released. This system requires a user acceptance.

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Apple spokesman Bill Evans update is smooth “, Reuters informs. It also does not require a restart.” Firm the latest bugs get it immediately feels the need to secure customers very seriously was added. New Mac bugs that were found to the problem, the Department of Homeland Security and Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute released last week mentioned as part of the security bulletin.

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Security bulletin which could threaten Apple’s products, including technology companies, identified dozens of. This particular vulnerability on the computer system is used to synchronize clocks Network Time Protocol is called the OS X operating system, (NTP) is a target component. Time synchronization protocol over a network is a global method has been exploited by hackers in the past.

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Even Microsoft security flaws for some time now has been offering automatic updates on, though, Apple automatically push out security updates for their advanced technology in the past has chosen not to deploy. Hackers exploit this bug tech giant had yet did not know of any cases where, he said.

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